We are pleased to announce our acquisition of the New Mexico-based cement guppy leasing company.

Havens Leasing
is now a part of
US Transport!


Our Exciting, New Offering


A cement guppy, also known as a cement pig, is a portable, self-contained, bulk storage unit commonly used for cement, fly ash, lime, fertilizer, frac sand, and more. The guppies are roughly 57 ft long with a capacity of 4050- 4100 cubic feet. They can be set up with Diesel or Electric blower packages with self-contained, mounted 12L Gardner Denver Cyclo Blowers. We can also offer portable blower units mounted on tandem axle trailers.



The 4-inch load lines and 5-inch vent lines on both ends make our guppies easy to position and safer ventilation into your dust collector. We also have our own semi tractor so we can move the guppies wherever the customer needs them on a job site.

We have set up guppies for frac sand storage with additional cam lock fittings welded into the hopper tees to make the unloading more efficient.

Lease a cement guppy.