US Transport

We are excited to announce that effective January 1, 2021 US Transport, Inc. has acquired Havens Transport, LLC and Havens Leasing, LLC. This acquisition is complementary to our existing customers and strengthens our company providing us greater capabilities to serve our customers and provide opportunities for team members.

It is not often that two organizations with such a rich and intimate history get to bring their knowledge, skills, and resources together to create such a dynamic and responsive entity. The combination of facilities, assets, and amazing people from both groups will result in a transportation and logistics organization that is prepared to compete on any level, in any market, and on any project.

Our expectation is that this acquisition will strengthen our company providing a secure future for all team members and their families.

Professionals like ours are the key to our success. Their hard work and dedication provide the quality service our customers expect and deserve.  We appreciate every team member from both groups coming together to integrate our operations.


We look forward to a strong 2021!



Steve Nelligan

Owner & CEO

US Transport, Inc.