The winter season may be over, but the last few snowstorms can be very unpredictable. In the face of severe weather, you need to be prepared for anything. Here are a few tips for keeping your truck clean and safe for winter roads.


Wash Your Truck Regularly

  • If you’re driving in a common snowfall area, taking your truck in for a wash every one or two weeks can help preserve the vehicle. Pay attention to the wheels and under the chassis to prevent oxidation and rusting. Adding corrosive resistance as well can help extend the life of your truck and keep it in its best shape for severe weather conditions. 


Remove Snow 

  • Leftover snow on your truck presents a great danger to you and other drivers. Using an extendable snow remover can go a long way in protecting your visibility before you set out for the day.


Check Your Vehicle 

  • The radiator, air dryer, and battery need to be checked regularly and even more so in winter conditions. For the radiator, make sure the antifreeze is full and keep some on hand just in case. Don’t forget to check your tires and tire pressure regularly, as well. 


Stay Prepared for Night

  • If the weather is below freezing, checking for cold spots or drafts can help make the journey much more comfortable. Keep an extra blanket or sleeping bag so you have extra insulation for a good night’s rest.

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