Tips to Keep You Alert on the Road

Long hours on the road can be exhausting, and when combined with messy sleep schedules and boredom, driving in traffic can be a recipe for disaster. Truck driving involves plenty of responsibility and paying attention to the road at all times is a must to ensure safe travels.  


Stay out of harm’s way with these helpful tips to keep you alert along your drive:

1) Hydrate

While on the road, you should drink water regularly. Dehydration causes drowsiness and can endanger you, as well as those around you. Habitually drinking water every half an hour or as needed can help keep you alert and clear for the long haul.

2) Limit Caffeine

Small amounts of caffeine can help you stay energized, but overindulgence only leads to more dehydration. Drink coffee in small amounts in order to avoid energy crashes a few hours later.

3) Buy Easy Snacks and Eat Healthy Meals

Just like dehydration, hunger doesn’t make for a compatible driving partner. By keeping easy, healthy snacks like nuts, granola bars, or apples around for the drive, you’ll have the ability to power through with long lasting energy.

4) Listen to Music or an Audiobook

To break up the monotonous sounds of the road, it’s good to play some quiet music or listen to a relaxing audiobook. Any form of audio can often provide you with the means to get through a long drive.

5) Keep the Temperature Down

When it’s warm and cozy, it’s easy to drift into inattention and neglect. Try to keep cool air circulating with AC or rolling down a window. Lower temperatures help you to stay awake and vigilant on the road.

6) Scan the Road


When it comes to safety, tired drivers are not the most efficient. Keep your eyes moving for cars, pedestrians, and potential risks while driving.

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