Truckers face a range of hazardous conditions that require them to be alert, prepared, and safe on a regular basis. Unpredictable motorists, weather changes, and road conditions can all cause complications, depending on the time of year/location. And of the many challenges truckers face, high winds may be something you have to eventually account for in your time behind the wheel. Stay safe with these tips for handling your truck in windy conditions:


1) Take Alternate Routes

You can save yourself considerable time and stress on the road by looking at the forecast for the areas you’re driving through. If there’s a chance of heavy winds, plan some alternate routes you can use to avoid the wind.


2) Slow Down or Stop 

If you can’t reroute or find another option, drive at a reduced speed to decrease the chances of an accident. Driving at a slower speed will make it easier to control your truck and make it easier to pull over and stop your truck if you lose control.


3) Watch Out for Signs 

Windsocks and road signs can both clue you into windy conditions. Pay attention to warnings and slow down when needed.


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