With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to gear up for Thanksgiving traffic and the challenges that driving over the holiday season brings. Stay safe and prepared for anything Thanksgiving traffic throws your way by following these 3 tips.


Plan Your Meals In Advance

If you’re working during the holidays, prep your Thanksgiving dinner a couple of days before your departure so you can eat while on the road. Use your leftovers to recreate Thanksgiving dinner, or make sandwiches, snacks, and more. 

Be Aware of Changes in the Weather

The weather is constantly changing this time of year. Make sure to check multiple outlets for updated weather and have chains on hand for snowy conditions!


Check Traffic Predictions

Multiple outlets put out reports predicting traffic flow and travel times on major holidays. We like to reference platforms like ATA to make sure we’re prepared for these high volume holidays. Monitor reports in case you need to reroute in order to reach your destination on time.


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