There are many roles and responsibilities that accompany truck driving on a daily basis. Following regulations, properly maintaining your vehicle, safely traversing poorly constructed roads and bridges, and paying attention to other motorists on the road are all common struggles truckers experiences. However, operating and properly maintaining your truck costs money, and if you don’t consider your fuel efficiency while driving, you may be unnecessarily spending more money than you need.


Improve your fuel efficiency by following these tips:


1) Regularly Perform Truck Maintenance

Routinely check all of your truck’s oil, air filters, tires, and other parts. Performing consistent maintenance will increase your truck’s lifespan and make it more efficient while it drives.


2) Pay Attention to Tire Pressure

Keep your tires inflated! Tires with lower pressure have higher rolling resistance, which decreases your fuel efficiency.


3) Don’t Leave Your Truck in Idle

It can be tempting to let your vehicle idle if you’re stopped for a moment, but an hour of idling burns about a gallon of fuel. Don’t let the minutes where your vehicle is in idle add up. If you’re going to be stopped for a little bit, cut the engine.


4) Drive in Higher Gears

Maximize fuel efficiency by moving to a higher gear as your speed increases. Traveling in low gears at higher speeds can consume more fuel than needed.


5) Use Momentum

Momentum can be your friend in the right moments. For instance, use the downward slope on hills to build speed and carry your truck for a way instead of fuel.


6) Utilize Cruise Control

Cruise control can help you maintain a steady speed while limiting unnecessary acceleration and deceleration that burns fuel.


7) Air Conditioning

Every time you use your A/C, you increase fuel consumption. Although we don’t recommend sacrificing your comfort, if it can be avoided, go ahead and lower your windows instead!


8) Check Your Alignment

Make sure your tires are aligned. A tire that isn’t perfectly straight will try to deviate sideways, causing drag and resistance that adds up.


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