When driving a truck or any vehicle, distractions are all around us. There are many dangers associated with distracted driving, especially when operating a large truck. It is important to not let distractions alter your concentration on the road. Not only do distractions pose a safety risk to yourself and others there are also penalties and fines if you are caught driving while distracted. Here is a run down of distractions.

Mobile Devices
Cell phones are a huge part of our lives and something that most people have readily available. Cell phone use while driving has become a major cause for concern in recent years and that is for good reason. Driving and operating a mobile device, whether it be texting or talking on the phone, is a huge distraction. This is a matter that should not be taken lightly and it is against the law. It is estimated that a driver takes their eyes off the road for 3.8 – 4.6 seconds when texting or dialing a call. While this may not seem like a great amount of time – it is and just takes one second to get into an unsafe situation. When behind the wheel, a phone call or text can wait. Do not jeopardize your safety as well as the safety of those around you.

Eating on the Road
A truck driver can also be distracted when hunger or thirst hit them while in the cabin. Sometimes when hunger hits and a driver is busy they will opt to order a meal on the go. The result of that is eating behind the wheel and that can pose as a danger and be a distraction. A 2006 study showed that “eating while driving is riskier than talking on a cell phone.” When in doubt, take the time to stop and enjoy your meal off the road.

Reading a Map
In unfamiliar territories, needing to look up directions is part of the navigation process. Reading a map can be a huge distraction for truckers behind the wheel. Paper maps are still prevalent and if you take your eyes off the road to read these maps, it could result in a dangerous situation. With modern technology, maps have been replaced with GPS systems and often these devices are just as distracting. If you need directions to map out your route pull over and take the time to do it without being on the road. This is the safe way!

Safety is a huge priority for us at US Transport and we are continuously monitoring to ensure our drivers are implementing the best practices on the road so that they are safe.

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