Trucking can be a rewarding career, but without a balance between your home life and your life on the road, it’s no secret some drivers may feel homesick. You may worry about missing out on valuable time with your family and not being there for life’s most precious moments. However, we understand that trucking can weigh on drivers and their families, but it doesn’t have to. At US Transport, we prioritize a family first workplace. Check out these tips to help you find the balance you need:


Communicate with your family. 

Today’s technology makes it incredibly easy to keep in touch. Phone calls and video calls can help you stay connected when you’re at rest stops. And although it’ll never be the same as spending time with your loved ones in person, it can help to share a few moments with your family and friends over the phone while you’re on the road

Create a plan. 

This one goes hand in hand with communication. Share the times that you’re available to talk on the phone. Talk to your family about when you will be home and plan time together accordingly. Whether you are a new or seasoned driver, US Transport allows you to spend most nights at home and spend quality time with your family.

Put up pictures and other reminders.

It can be nice to keep personal reminders of your family close on long drives. Try putting up pictures or notes around the truck. This will boost your spirit throughout your journey and may remind you to pick up souvenirs or take pictures for your family along the way. 


At US Transport, we are committed to transportation safety. Interested in joining a team of experienced drivers? Apply today!