If you have driven a big rig before, you have probably driven over-the-road, or OTR. OTR drivers oftentimes spend a lot of time on the road, usually a full workweek away from home. But did you know that there are companies out there that offer a different type of schedule? US Transport has multiple terminals that allow us to dispatch hauls within a certain region. This makes drive time shorter, and allows drivers to spend more quality time with their families. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider a regional driving job.


  • More Time at Spent at Home


Shorter hauls mean you can complete your haul within 1-2 work days. This means more hauls, but it also means that you can drive home after a long day on the road. Instead of sleeping in the cab of the truck, you can go home and sleep in your bed. This allows for more quality time with your family.


  • More Hauls


In the time it takes to complete one OTR haul, you can make more regional hauls. This means that you are spending less time in the driver seat overall. It also means you are less likely to lose focus and commit mistakes. It also means that you can take more work on which this frees you up to push yourself to complete more than one or two hauls.

  1. Whole Body Wellness

Though you might be taking on more hauls, they are shorter distances so you’re spending less time in the cab! This means less impact on your posture. This is important if you are considering a career in trucking because you can have less wear and tear on your body.

We appreciate the hard work you do, OTR or regionally. If you’re thinking about making the switch, then let’s talk! USTransport has great benefits and is an awesome company to work for. Check out one of our Indeed Reviews:

“Good place to work if you don’t want to go OTR”

Driver (Current Employee) –  Denver – September 6, 2017

“Dispatch does a good job at communicating load information. It does get a little slow in the winter months. Recommend cross training on several different types of products to make yourself more valuable to the company.”

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