When you’re in the midst of a haul, you’ll be confronted with plenty of obstacles as you drive. Other motorists, changes in the grade of the road, and weather conditions are just a few challenges you may encounter while driving, but maintaining a safe and defensive mindset while you’re on the road can help keep you aware of potential disasters waiting to happen. Of the potential obstacles to look out for, try and keep an eye out for the following:


  • Deer/ Wildlife: Accidents caused by deer on the roadways are growing every single year, and as we venture into more rural areas, your chance of encountering wildlife like deer on the roadways are bound to increase. Your chance of hitting a deer is much higher in the early hours of the morning and during sunset as these are the times most deer are mobile and looking for food. If you see a deer on the road, slow down as much as possible as you pass it. If it’s too late and it looks like you’ll hit the deer, don’t slam on your breaks. You could cause a rear-end collision if someone is behind you. Instead, brace for impact, pull over, check your car for damage, and if the animal is still alive, you may need to give your local law enforcement a call.


  • Highway UFOs: Unidentified flying objects commonly occur on highways and interstates where vehicles travel at fast speeds. It could be a bag of garbage, tire rubber, a piece of lumber, or even a bird. In the event that something does fly directly at your windshield or is suddenly in your lane, remain calm and do your best to evaluate the surrounding traffic. If you can avoid it safely, do so. However, if you can’t avoid it, try to straddle it as you pass. Lastly, if something does hit your car and there’s damage, call the local law enforcement and file an accident report.


  • Pedestrians/ Pets: Although you should do your best to avoid tight streets and overly residential areas, sometimes they’re unavoidable. Parking lots, storefronts, neighborhoods, and city streets all hold the potential for an accident as people go about their days. In these areas, it’s important to remember to slow down, watch out for people and pets, and periodically scan either side of the street for anything that’s approaching.


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