Trucker slang is as diverse a talk as any, and if you’re on the road, you need to know how to communicate. Here is a list of phrases commonly used by truckers along with CB radio number codes that will come in handy:

All locked up: The weigh station is closed.
Alligator: The shredded tire from an 18-wheeler on the road.
Bear: A police officer.
Big road: The interstate/large highway.
Black eye: A headlight is out.
Chicken coup: The weigh station.
Dropped off the shoulder: A vehicle ran off the side of a highway.
Double nickel: Drive 55 miles per hour.
Go-go juice: Diesel fuel.
Hundred mile coffee: A strong coffee.
Rolling roadblock: A construction vehicle moving very slowly.
Salt shaker: A truck that salts the roads.
Skateboard: A flatbed trailer.
Toothpicks: A load of lumber.
Travel agent: The dispatcher.
Wear your bumper out: When a vehicle is following too close.
Yard stick: A mile marker.

10-1: Receiving poorly.
10-4: OK.
10-9: Repeat message.
10-10: Transmission completed, standing by (listening)
10-13: Advise weather conditions.
10-20 or Your twenty: Your location.
10-36: The correct time.
10-100: Restroom stop.

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