Hacks for Truckers

It’s no secret that truckers spend long amounts of time in the cabin, but the road poses many challenges and if you’re not prepared, life can get uncomfortable fast. With a few simple hacks, you can make your life easier and avoid complications that may cause strong time delays:

  • Use technology. We live in a technological era that has a wealth of apps for making your life easier. Using apps that help you track the weather, traffic, and news can help prepare you for any time delays you may experience and help you avoid them. And aside from utility, modern technology can also serve to keep you entertained during the long hours. Download your favorite music or podcasts for a better way to pass the time.
  • Buy a map. If your gps dies and you don’t know the route well, a map will ensure you have a way to find your destination.
  • Stay organized with storage containers. The cabin of a truck can get cluttered fast. Having a few storage containers can ensure you a place to store food, water, books, tools, and any other supplies you may need to keep track of while on the job.
  • Keep a trash can. A clean, organized cabin will make it easier to find stuff and help you keep it all presentable. You can buy small trash cans or repurpose plastic bags, cereal boxes, or containers to use as trash cans for your cabin.
  • Have gloves handy. Have a few pairs of gloves for fueling and other tasks that may require you to get a little dirty.
  • Keep napkins. A simple thing that’s easy to grab from home and often overlooked, but when you need them, you need them. If you spill a drink in your car, get oil on your hands, or have a mess that needs cleaning, napkins can get you out of a bind.
  • Wear sunglasses. Hitting a stretch of highway where the sun shines directly in your eyes can leave you squinting and limit your visibility, but with a good pair of shades you can reduce glare and make sure you can see clearly.
  • Mount a dash cam. If you wind up in an accident, having a dash cam can help you from becoming the scapegoat. Incidents are unfortunate, but so is taking the blame when you’re not at fault.
  • Keep a cushion. When you start to feel stiff, an added cushion can help provide comfort and keep you relaxed during long hours.
  • Buy a boot brush. Having a brush to wipe off your boots can keep your cab clean after walking around a dirty area.

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