As professional truck drivers, you’re operating the largest vehicles on the road, and as much as you need to practice defensive driving for the safety of others, you should consider your personal safety and career as well. Ensuring you’re safe on the road starts with your trip preparation. There’s risk associated with the road any time you drive, and having a dash cam can be an extra step to help you maintain your career, safety, and protect you from taking the blame should an accident occur.


Often, auto-accidents leave a list of open-ended questions for any officer of the law. However, with your own photographic evidence, you can provide an accurate perspective and protect yourself from incurring any tickets or fines.


Dash cams can also help you create an insurance claim should an accident occur that was unavoidable. For example, if a tire shoots out from another rig and causes damage to the front of your truck, a dash cam could catch the license plate and help you create a claim, proving your innocence to the police investigating the accident. 


At US Transport, we’re dedicated to keeping our roads and drivers safe. If you’re interested in becoming a driver with us, we’d love to have you as part of our team. Sign-on today!