At US Transport, we remain leaders in bulk transportation excellence because we take the extra step to ensure our drivers and team safely operate vehicles, machinery, and equipment. With a modern fleet of state-of-the-art Kenworth trucks, safety incentives and awards, as well as in-cab cameras and coaching, we go the extra step of the way to ensure we keep our roads safe.


We’re always making developments in how we improve our safety performance and that’s reflected in our CSA scores. Having achieved a current ISS score of 39 that continues to trend downward, indicating best-in-class safety performance, we’re doing the most we can to hold our drivers accountable. Plus, with in-cab cameras that analyze driver performance, as well as comprehensive coaching, we train our team to be the best-in-class drivers on the road while protecting our customers’ shipments and other motorists with 24/7 monitoring.


In-cab cameras are a necessary part of keeping our truckers and fellow travelers safe. It’s no secret that trucks are the biggest vehicle on the road, and as such, we’re always making an effort to reduce the chance of vehicular malfunctions through maintenance and preparation, and remain vigilant when in transit so we can avoid accidents. However, there are moments when accidents do occur, and sometimes they are hard to recount for both parties behind the wheel. On the other hand, unfortunately, some people attempt insurance scams by getting in intentional accidents and blaming the other driver. Thankfully, video hard copies help keep our drivers safe from taking any unnecessary fault, provide evidence for officials, and give historical documentation that we can take lessons from for future drivers.


At US Transport, safety is one of our utmost priorities, ensuring you receive your commodities on time. Give your business a strategic advantage with a team driven by road safety and bulk transportation excellence, and choose from a variety of solutions such as coal trailers, end dumps, tankers, flatbeds, rail, portable storage, silos and more. Request a quote or explore our solutions today: