Within the past few decades, the trucking industry has been faced with the harsh reality of a shortage in truck drivers, and with more truckers approaching retirement, the future of the trucking workforce relies heavily on the interest of younger generations. The current median age for truck drivers is 55, and most millennials fail to consider trucking as a viable career when considering their futures. However, trucking still remains one of the most reliable career choices available for Americans looking for opportunities and stable income today.


These days, younger generations have career goals that align with their values, which include raising families, jobs with experiences that break away from the monotony of 9-5 jobs, company loyalty, and rewarding opportunities for growth and advancement. At US Transport, we prioritize our employees’ needs with schedules that allow them to be home most evenings. Our truckers enjoy the beauty and scenery that our country has to offer with flexible schedules that differ from the traditional workweek of most Americans. With plenty of opportunities for advancement, benefits and paid orientation and training, we invest in driving all of our employees toward transportation excellence. 


At US Transport, we’re calling for millennials to redefine truck driving with us. We recognize you’re the future of our country and we need you! If you’re looking to join a team driven by transportation excellence and are an experienced driver, apply today and receive a $5,000 sign-on bonus. Learn more.