While night time driving does have its perks such as less traffic, it can be dangerous in the face of drowsiness. In fact, half of all traffic accidents occur in the evening. Staying safe on the road requires constant attention to traffic, the road, and the right amount of defensive driving. Here are a few tips for truckers looking to navigate the roads safely at night:


Avoid drowsiness. 


Tired driving can potentially be more dangerous than intoxication. It’s helpful to create a sleep routine and make sure you are getting quality sleep every night. But if you feel yourself getting tired, try taking regular breaks, getting a little caffeine, or turning down the temperature in the cabin to keep you alert. 


Drive the speed limit.


Driving at night often means there are less cars on the road, and this may tempt you to drive faster. But it’s important to maintain a controlled speed, not only to avoid tickets and collisions, but also the occasional animal on the road or drunk driver. Don’t take the risks involved with speeding. 


Turn your high beams on. 


When navigating difficult terrain with no drivers in front of you, turning on your high beams can improve your vision. By driving slowly and using high beams, you will be able to see further in the distance, making it easier to spot upcoming turns, animals looking to cross, and any obstacles in the road. Remember to turn your high beams off when other drivers are present. 


Beware of impaired vision. 


Aside from drowsiness, impaired vision is a big risk of driving at night. Avoid staring into oncoming traffic, dim your dashboard lights, and clean your windshield. Staring into bright lights will increase drowsiness. However, keeping clear vision and reduced eye strain will help you drive more alert and focused throughout the night.


Keep an eye on other drivers. 


By following the rules of the road, you will help other drivers stay safe as well. You can’t control their actions, but you can control yours. Move over for oncoming vehicles. Dim your headlights around other drivers. Use blinkers when changing lanes. Steer clear of possible drunk drivers. And remain vigilant for wildlife. 


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