After driving for a while, days become weeks, weeks become months. For some truckers, months become years and even decades. Over all that time behind the wheel, it’s easy to fall into a routine.

Road hypnosis isn’t the only thing to fear about the long hauls. The good news is that while your brain is getting older, it can also get better. No matter what your age, your brain wants to stay learning new skills, and we can help you get there.

A big reason mental sharpness declines as people age is that they fall into routines and ruts. They’re putting less effort into learning new skills, not trying as many new things and don’t have as many fresh challenges to overcome.

Here are three ways you can stay sharp on the long days behind the wheel:

Take five. Meditate. Practice mindful eating. Being conscious of your actions forces you to be in the present and to be constantly aware of your surroundings. This type of exercise helps your memory and awareness improve greatly.

Fuel your brain. Don’t forget the physical side of helping your brain. Personal trainers always recommend getting regular cardio exercise and eating a diet low in saturated fat. Science confirms that both of these can help the brain. Getting enough sleep also plays a major role in maximizing brain power.

Change things. It might seem strange, but suddenly shifting to a new type of activity moves your brain onto a higher plateau. It can be as simple as switching from doing the newspaper’s word search to doing the crossword puzzle.

Take a different route to a destination once in a while, even if it means a few more minutes driving. Your brain will be stimulated by the change.

With these tips you can keep your mind sharp and ready for the challenges on the road ahead. US Transport can help make you the best driver you can be! Find out more at