Trucking is often thought to be a field dominated by long hours on the road with little reward, but aside from the Hollywood clichés that surround the industry of trucking, driving with a company can actually provide you with a stable income year round, plenty of opportunity for growth and advancement, as well as a family that you’ll feel closer with than ever. 

Company Benefits: We offer all of our employees full medical benefits, paid orientation & training, a monthly KPI bonus, and local/ regional routes that ensure they have plenty of time to spend with their loved ones. We understand that trucking is a demanding career, so we do our part to ensure you have the balance you need to properly care for yourself and your family throughout the year.

Job Security: With US Transport, you have the benefit of job security as we’re making an investment in you. That means there’s no worrying about the next haul or where you’re next paycheck will come from. We guarantee pay all year long with plenty of opportunities to gain experience and advance in your field.

Experience: We’ll provide you with plenty of opportunities to hit the road, but that’s not all. Our employees all have a wealth of experience, so there’s never a moment without a helping hand. Plus, when you’re in an environment with so much trucking talent, some of it’s bound to rub off on you!

Family: Working at US Transport is so much more than a career that pays the bills. It provides you a place to create professional relationships and friendships that last a lifetime. Our team is driven by the same desire to withhold standards of excellence and be at the top of safety and compliance in transportation. With a cohesive effort, we’re positive we can make a difference on the roads and in the lives of our employees.

At US Transport, we put people first and we’re proud to operate in a family atmosphere that’s goal oriented, safety focused, and driven by excellence. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our team, we’d love to hear from you. Sign-on today.