Driving in the mountains can be very intimidating for truck drivers of all skill levels. There are certain protocols and practices that must be put into place when driving a truck in these steep conditions. We have outlined our top safety tips for mountain driving.

1. Pay Attention to the Grade You’re On

The mountain highways and roads have signs that are there to help out drivers. They will let you know what grade your truck should be in based on the conditions of the road. The signs should be marked and will give you an idea of what speed you should maintain during your climb or descent. Don’t make assumptions that you can pick up speed at the bottom of the hill – that can be a deadly mistake.

2. Take it Slow and Steady

The saying slow and steady wins the race definitely applies for mountain driving. This is especially true when going down the mountain. Creeping and going slow down hills is always a good plan. If you have too much speed and momentum it could be hard to control the truck and the result could be dangerous. When climbing a steep mountain it is very possible to overheat your engine so pay attention and pull over if necessary.

3. Use Runaway Lanes if in Danger

Mountain roads contain runway lanes and they are there for a reason – safety! Don’t be afraid to use these lanes as a last resort. If you feel like your brakes are failing and you’ve exhausted your options – go up a runaway ramp immediately. This should be used as a last resort because it can damage the truck. There may be fees and fines associated with using these ramps but the safety of yourself and others is way more important.

If you follow these tips, mountain driving will be less intimidating and the risks will be lowered.

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