Driving a large vehicle, such as a truck, can be tricky and because of those challenges sometimes accidents do happen. As with operating any vehicle, sometimes accidents are unavoidable and due to conditions that are out of the driver’s control. However, there are things that can be done to avoid accidents. Read our top tips below for more information.

1. Move Slowly

Slow and steady wins the race. There is no reason to rush and as a professional driver it is your responsibility to follow the rules of the road – which includes following the speed limits. No matter what you’re doing – whether its leaving pulling into a truck stop, backing into a loading dock, or just on the open road following the rules is important and ensures safety.

2. Study Your Delivery Areas

When you find the customer and destination location, park somewhere safe and convenient until you find out exactly where the delivery dock. Talking to the customer and getting out to look at the area is going to help in regards to backing the truck in effectively and avoiding an unnecessary accident.

3. Plan Your Trip

Planning your trip and the trip route is key to success. Being on the road alone can be stressful and if you don’t have an idea as to where you are going to can create a distraction. Being lost is a distraction that can lead to an accident. Know your delivery destination and think about how you will get to that destination before beginning.

These are US Transport’s top tips for avoiding accidents on the road as a driver – we hope these were helpful and something to keep in mind before you get behind the wheel.

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