Mobile apps are changing the way truckers are getting work done in 2019 thanks to the many innovative mobile apps out in the market. Whether a fleet is in need of tracking mileage, gas/diesel prices, or are seeking a platform to maintain organization with task management… there’s literally an app for almost anything.

So what tools are truckers utilizing to increase productivity? Take a look at what apps are helping truckers across the nation.

Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools is a free mobile app that is relieving the headache truckers face on a daily basis. Trucker Tools is the one stop app which accurately displays nationwide fuel price updates, live traffic notifications, and turn-by-turn directions to make driving a breeze. This app not only saves drivers time, but is designed to be cost efficient in terms of gas and mileage— this app is changing the game with how drivers are efficiently managing their efficiency.

Gas Buddy

Low on gas? Stay up-to-date by following gas and diesel prices across the nation with Gas Buddy. Not only will Gas Buddy provide updated fuel costs at nearby gas stations, but this app provides a price map, trip cost calculator, and a detailed gas price chart. Increase profits by locating the best deals on fuel prices while accurately logging mileage. Gas Buddy is the go to app for any driver on the road.


Struggling with time or task management? Wunderlist is one of the most efficient (and free) ways to create and assign tasks either individually or as a team, making days as productive as possible. Assign a task to a team member, set due dates, and quickly archive completed tasks. Wunderlist makes organizing your day-to-day incredibly efficient and easy. Say goodbye to forgetting the little things throughout the day!


There’s no doubt that truckers have a lot of responsibility. From staying safe on the road, following strict deadlines, and keeping up with stacks of paperwork— there’s a lot that truckers need to keep up with. CamScanner is a convenient app that scans and saves receipts or paperwork any time, anywhere. Using the camera feature, CamScanner conveniently keeps documents together in folders which display the exact date and time of an upload. Quit forgetting to send out important documents that are lost in the shuffle with the Cam Scanner app.

The Weather Channel

Can you weather the weather? The Weather Channel app has been saving drivers any surprises from unanticipated weather conditions at any given location whether on the road or in town. While other weather apps can be found in the App Store, the Weather Channel app allows users to see what the weather will be like a week or two in advance, providing ample time to prepare for a route. Quickly allow push notifications and never be surprised by mother nature’s (now predictable) patterns.

Mobile apps continue to change the way truckers increase their productivity and efficiency. Companies have seen an increase in ROI by simply keeping track of gas and mileage, assigning tasks to their crews, and maintaining an organized system for storing documents. These are must-have mobile apps that truckers should be using no matter where they’re located.

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