While driving, you will sometimes need to make a stop. Public areas can get pretty crowded and filled with many people. It is important to slow down, look around and follow safety practices to ensure the safety of those around you.

Try these:

  1. Keep a lookout for pedestrians

Whether you’re at the terminal, quarry or plant, or if you need to stop along your route, always be on the lookout for other trucks and pedestrians. Be cautious of your surroundings and wary of pedestrians who are not paying attention when you pull in or out of the location. Use your best safety practices and go slow to avoid any injury.

  1. Find a Convenient Parking Spot

It is best practice to not park too close to another vehicle, truck, or intrusive object. It is always a better idea to give yourself plenty of room than to risk an accident and cause stress due to tricky parking conditions. If you need to stop to get coffee or gas, make sure you can drive forward after stopping, instead of having to back up. Try to avoid a situation in which you have to back out of a parking spot. If that is your only option, you might enlist a spotter to help you back out successfully.

  1.   Make the most of your stop if you have to stop away from your starting point or destination.

Proper planning will ensure this and save you time and optimize convenience. Align your stop around coordinating when you will need to refuel, grab a bite to eat, take a stretch, and use the restroom. With pre-planning and tracking you can kill multiple birds with one stone.

Follow these tips to make the most out of your stop.

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