Being on the road for hours on end can often become uncomfortable, making it hard to focus all your attention on the road. However, as a trucker, it’s important to take extra steps in order to stay comfortable and focused. Check out these tips to make your day easier and help you stay safe:


Use trucking apps.

Technology can save you a lot of time on the road. By downloading trucking apps before starting the journey, you can find the best route, restrooms, eating points, and much more along the way. Most truck driver apps are free and provide useful information for each route and stop. 


Store the essentials. 

You may benefit by keeping a few items on hand. For example, applying white vinegar on windshield helps in times of fog. Having an on-the-road stove as well as emergency toilet paper can be much needed resources in deserted areas. Be sure to have a trash bin in the truck to avoid excess clutter on long hauls, too. 


Add cushioning.

On a long haul, it can be helpful to spend the first four hours without extra cushion or support. Instead, focusing on keeping your posture straight can help you strengthen your back muscles and help your body for the long-term. Once you feel yourself getting tense and uncomfortable, adding cushioning can help provide you with support and keep you comfy for the remainder of the trip. 


Organize your dashboard.

Stick to the essentials and don’t clutter up your dashboard. By making room only for your phone holder, coffee, and water, your drive will be much more pleasant. Utilize the space you have, but don’t crowd your dashboard with distracting items.


Drive efficiently.

Keeping an eye on your speed prevents accidents and maximizes your fuel economy. Driving 55 MPH on the highways can provide you with the best fuel efficiency. 


Listen to podcasts or playlists. 

Need something to keep you energized? Playing your favorite music or listening to a good story can help the time to fly by. Keep the podcasts or playlists to a low volume, focus on the road, and enjoy the journey. 

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