It’s no secret that many veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces take jobs as truck drivers after they’ve done their service, and for several good reasons. With the ever-growing demand for qualified drivers, veterans’ military experience and skills are close to an ideal match for understaffed fleets seeking skilled employees, including, but not limited to:

  1. Heightened Situational Awareness: Driving a truck requires attentiveness, focus, and an ability to recognize potential problems before they arise, qualities that are equally valued and taught in the Armed Forces. Veterans’ ability to be constantly aware of their environment is one of the ways they are exceptionally well equipped to be drivers.

    2. Reliability: Good truck drivers need to be dependable and punctual. Drivers are required to keep track of their runs, timing, and mileage to ensure consistently on-time deliveries, and Veterans have that sense of discipline in spades.

    3. Leadership Skills: Great drivers, like great leaders, need to take initiative and be accountable when things don’t go as planned, an inclination that is actively nurtured and honed in military service.

    4. Teamwork: Even though most drivers operate solo for the majority of their day, truckers must be able to coordinate with dispatchers, cargo haulers, warehouse workers, driver managers, and other support staff. Veterans have been trained extensively on these team-building skills and carry them into their driving careers successfully.

    5. Mental & Physical Stamina: Driving all day has the potential to cause extreme fatigue. From general exhaustion to “Highway Hypnosis,” having the mental stamina to keep driving through any trip is an attribute every good driver should have.

Whether you’re a veteran or not, US Transport is on the lookout for qualified Class A CDL drivers, who embody the above traits. If you think you’d be a good fit for the US Transport family, apply today!