When you first start driving with US Transport, you’ll go through paid orientation and training so you can become acquainted with your new team, learn our safety procedures and operations, and get evaluated on how well you fit with our company. During this period, you’ll be supplied with an orientation handbook containing information regarding your role as a driver. The policies and procedures inside will provide you with a guide to ensure you remain compliant with all laws and regulations while you’re on the road.


Even though you’ll learn a lot during your orientation and training sessions, having a hard copy of policies and procedures can be a save when complicated questions arise that you don’t have the answer to on the road. Your orientation handbook will cover US Transport’s history, culture, and how you should represent us through your driving. It’ll contain guidelines for pick-up and drop-off procedures; best practices for safety and maintenance; and a guide that informs you of necessary permits, licensing requirements, certifications, and rules regarding your position.


A semi-truck is the largest vehicle on the road, and as such it takes them a longer distance to stop, makes them harder to handle, and greatly increases the risk of an accident with serious consequences. At US Transport, we recognize our unique position and responsibility as truck drivers, so we work to keep our roads as safe as possible for pedestrians and other truckers alike. Trucking by the book will ensure you remain safe and your cargo remains secure while you’re in transit.


As the premier partner in bulk transportation, we pride ourselves on promoting an environment of safety, teamwork, and opportunity for our team. At US Transport, we uphold standards of excellence on a daily basis. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our team, we’d love to hear from you. Sign-on today.